Saturday, 3 January 2009

In the dog house.....

I can't help it I'm just naughty - but I'm also not quick enough to get out of the way when I've been caught doing something I shouldn't be doing and let someone else take the blame for it... but then again it doesn't help when I do these naughty things in full view of Mummy!

Her and Daddy were watching TV last night and I managed to open the kitchen cupboard where they keep the kitty food and treat. Mummy told me off and shut the door ... but while they were in bed last night I opened it again and got the biscuits out - wasn't quite clever enough to open the actual container with the biscuits in though :-(

Needless to say Mummy has moved everything around in the kitchen today so our food is in a cupboard that I can't reach (don't worry.... I'm already working on it!!)

I will keep you all updated.......

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Well my name is George and my little diva friend Baillee has got me roped into this blogging lark...

I just want to watch the trains out of the window... and sleep.... and eat.... and sleep (did I say eat?)